Adult Acne Sufferers Not Alone In Their Battle

Adults aren’t supposed to have acne: This is a common belief, but it’s just not realistic. The truth is, millions of adults suffer from acne and the emotional effects are excruciating.

In a world where acne is thought to be a teen problem and image is everything when it comes to careers and relationships, it’s no wonder adult acne sufferers feel alone in their battle for clear skin.

Just as with teen acne, adult acne consists of pimples, bumps and blackheads that appear on the face, neck, shoulders, back, etc. And just as with teens, adults can find relief from their acne in the various acne products available at drugstores and by prescription from a doctor.

Furthermore, adult acne sufferers face the same type of ridicule and embarrassment as their teen counterparts… only magnified because of the stigma associated with adult acne.

Acne effects our every day lives in more ways than you may think. Have you ever had to stand up in a board meeting and give a presentation with an acne breakout all over your face? You probably not only felt embarrassed but also reserved, which means you didn’t perform to your very best abilities. Acne affects our jobs, our personal relationships, our self-esteem, and our self-worth.

For teens, acne is considered a right of passage, but for adults, it’s a serious problem. But, there is hope for adult acne sufferers, and you’re not alone. This is evident by the numerous celebrities who have come forward with their own stories of how they suffered from adult acne. Being in the public eye, they’ve resorted to hiding their problem behind layers of makeup, or by hiding from the spotlight. These stars now endorse various acne solutions that have proven to work for them, and they may also work for you. If celebrities can face their acne problems on camera, you can have the confidence to face yours, too.

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How to Get Traffic to Your Adult Website

In today’s economic environment many people are looking to make extra money on the internet. You first make the decision to have some sort of business. Perhaps you decided to have an adult website, only to discover they want about 500 dollars to set your adult site up. Then you may have to pay a monthly fee. If your budget can afford this, fine but You still need to know how to get traffic to your adult website.

OK maybe you found a place that set up your adult website for free. You still need to know how to get traffic to your free website. Many advertisers that send legit traffic will not deal with adult websites.

Have you signed up for free traffic, only to be bombarded with FFA replies in your mailbox by the hundreds. When you decided to set up your site did you realize that getting traffic to your adult website would be such a challenge?

Don’t get me wrong you can find sites that will send visitors to your site, by the thousands. The problem is you may never know if your visitors are legit. Did these people actually view your site. Or are they just people who either get paid to click on sites. Perhaps you tried traffic rotation sites. Many will not except adult websites. If they do you’ll have to spend a lot of your free time viewing other sites, in order to get visitors to your site.Many advertisers that send legit traffic will not deal with adult websites.

Well, then you might be asking how do I now get traffic to my adult website? You will be happy to learn you can get traffic. Tons of traffic. As a matter of fact this traffic will cost you nothing. Yes it is free. Keep your money in your pocket.

What must you do, simply write a few articles on your topic. Select some aspect of your site that you can create an article. You probably are asking how writing a article will bring you traffic to your adult website. You will write these articles and give them to people who publish e zines or use them on their website.

This is a very powerful method of getting traffic and it’s free. Perhaps you’re thinking, why anyone would want your articles? They want them because they continuously need content for their website or their e zine.

Gwen Thompson is an online marketer and author of several books.


Why Can’t 32 Million American Adults Read This Article?

Illiteracy, the inability to turn abstract symbols called letters into meaningful words, should be a vanishing problem. Unfortunately, in the United States, adult illiteracy remains quite widespread. How many American adults can’t even read this commentary? How many American adults can’t read a simple newspaper article, understand warning labels, or write an effective complaint letter? Can’t read? Take a guess. Five million adults? Ten million adults? Twelve million adults?

According to a new federal study just released, an estimated 32 million American adults remain functionally illiterate in 2009. That’s larger than the population of many countries – and as large as California’s total population.

USA TODAY reporter Greg Toppo told part of the depressing story yesterday in an excellent, concise frontpage article on January 10, 2009. Title? Literacy Study: 1 in 7 U.S. adults are unable to read this story. “A long-awaited federal study finds that an estimated 32 million adults in the USA – about one in seven – are saddled with such low literacy skills that it would be tough for them to read anything more challenging than a children’s picture book.”

Is the situation improving? NO! “From 1992 to 2003, it shows, the USA added about 23 million adults to its population; in that period, an estimated 3.6 million more joined the ranks of adults with low literacy skills.” A U.S. Education Department expert explains. “They really cannot read … paragraphs (or) sentences that are connected.” USA TODAY deserves credit for bringing more attention than usual to this avoidable tragedy. President John F. Kennedy famously noted that “a child miseducated is a child lost.” Those lost children have become adults!

So how can we explain these shocking findings? Worse, why are these shocking statistics considered “old news” to adult education experts? How is this possible? Why is this awful situation tolerated by some public education experts? Where is the outrage?

Is it because providing a decent education for America’s underclass would be too expensive? Really? Please don’t tell me that there is a lack of money because the federal government just gave away – without conditions or even pretense of accountability – $350 BILLION dollars to wealthy banks and mega international corporations.

The American public education system is failing on multiple levels. Adult education remains the stepchild of public education. Underfunded, often overlooked, and seldom appreciated, adult education plays a vital role in teaching essential life skills – including reading and writing – to thousands. Thousands of adult educators work long hours in stressful jobs, often part-time without fulltime benefits, to help high school dropouts prepare for a GED and new immigrants learn English. Yet the gap between the objective educational needs and funding to provide a real first world education to these struggling adults remains huge.

“Only the educated are free,” noted Epictetus, a former slave and Greek stoic philosopher, over 2,000 years ago. How free are those 32 illiterate American adults? Will President Obama address this widespread, documented crisis in public education? Perhaps. Meanwhile, the United States is wasting our capital resources! It’s long past time to invest in our own people, rebuild our inner cities, and recover the American dream. So will Obama reorganize our education system and direct billions needed to provide real universal public education? Consider me, as so often, a skeptic. But we must do better!

Eric H. Roth currently teaches English at the University of Southern California to international students. He has previously taught English and writing to immigrants, refugees, and college students from over 50 countries. He is also the co-author of Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics, an ESL textbook to improve speaking skills. (Free chapters can be found at He also publishes a monthly column in Easy English Times for adult education students.